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Why do women silently endure domestic rape or abuse? Except for a one isolated event or two, women for some reason chosen to play the part of the helpless victim,  it has been so since the dawn of time and despite the many advances women have made in science, medicine, politics and even law itself, at home they allow another to  silence them. Our team of family law solicitors comprise of many talented divorce lawyers who have gained a wealth of knowledge on how to bring justice and a voice to such sufferings and to all legal proceedings during a family conflict, during a complex situation involving businesses jointly held by spouses, our commercial litigation lawyer Sydney can be consulted too.

Legal advice is inevitable at some point of life, yes you might have solid and blessed marriage and no you will not need divorce lawyers but what about your commercial matters? That surely is not a smooth sail you most certainly will have to seek advice of a commercial lawyer.

Purchasing a new office and need the deeds checked out? Entering into a new contract and want your intended partner’s credentials verified? Say no more! We are on it. Disputes and concerns in business will not cost you in terms of legal fees but by the effect it has to the usual functions of your business. That is why a commercial lawyer is not an expense to your business but an investment of sorts. Call it what you may but the necessity of a dispute lawyer is undeniable. Can you imagine what it would cost you to have a document dispute for the cargo that has arrived under advice to you, not only will you have unsatisfied customers but it might cost you heaps to hold and store the goods until the issues are resolved.

We started off as a team of young lawyers who wanted to change the world and make our mark in it, with dignity and utmost integrity of course. That is why we push in late nights and even all nights, because we want your pain to end and your troubles to go away. We want that deserving mother reunited with her children and that honest and hardworking entrepreneur to recover what he was cheated out of. The phones in our office never stop ringing during the day and we assure no call goes unattended, once committed we are here for you and will see that your ship reaches its shore, safe, sound and intact.